replace my ties
corinne jagt  

The skeletons awaken,
and bring forth my demons
I pledge my life to you by our word
in weak fear my blind eye opens
To shades of my past
faces of bridges I thought to be burned
I took you into my dark garden
into my shame
exposed my safety 
allowed our skin to touch
After all these moons
I still can not feel 
Still return inside myself
to the space you once possessed
My phantom pictures of you
Replaced by the distance you tend
Deny my safety
I find my death in your temptations
in your struggle
for her lungs I breath
you in, your sour lies
and your panic cloaks
You stopped time to freeze my hatred
of your black excursions
And  I come away with a sworn finger
and swollen tears
Look for savor in my peace
in between the dirt in you mind
that you shared in our sheets
I feel the beat of panic
Chaining me open
leaving my body captured
in what I wore for you last night

copyright 2004