triangle man
corinne jagt

My pillar has fallen
My rock has softened
As his legos betrayed him
He fell to his water, his genes
The roots that aborted too soon
To manifest this flood
Ghostly windows like eyes on his face
I wanst to shrink
to when he was more than me
When he owned his crown
and earned his discontent
To ride this fold in time
lift him from this fallen planet
put breath in his path
His tender retreat 
is marked by confusion
And covered by melodies
His fingers are safe
Yet they have fallen from the hands of a master
The gift he lived
His shuffle has slowed
But is sweet as a child
Trusting to taste
My words are useless
Bear no power
and leave my grief a shallow grave
Turn it to nature
to nurture, to grace
My Triangle Man was strength