the curse of the navajo shaman
dan spector

while the webcatcher catches the moon
full nude
in need of cover soon
spelling out a future pointed doom

enter the shaman
the medicine doctor through
this land
a healer coming soon
born from the herbs from sand

no news
or premonition
to catch just a few
of divided attentions

the curse comes
in the form of a cursed hex
from daughters to only sons
never knowing who could be next

the first signs
point to anger
the second thin line
greets the hunger

the shaman is asked
to rid of this horrible peril
his well shielded wooden mask
sends out to the hex to be sterile

the curse is too strong
for the mask was the failure
another attempt should be proven long
in capturing the hex as a cure

on spark
comes from the dark
to rid of this curse

the shaman succeeds
with his many good deeds
as the hex was disbursed

a thirst for the navajo shaman

copyright 2004