a growing unknown presence
Dan Spector

tempered bound
illusionary hoax
false appearances
for the unexplainable
the unknown criteria
the clouds of smoke
decay has opened the dungeons
for a closer look
demanding quite
a lot of uneasy attention
the main attraction
the sole attraction
whispering out unholy gestures
only to keep in measure
the fear that has started
from where it has stopped

like a black hawk's beak
then devouring its prey
without a moments
laps of memory's forgetfulness
emotions thrown out
rosaries swinging
like an innocent man
being hung
without a dinner to eat
starving for love
kindness to greet
his lost caring eyes
to only be given
torture and malice
rejections from the above

no loving sound
no saving grace
just formidable
with confusion
on its tail
lashing out to all the
the true intruders
the stagecoach still has
captured along with our fears
clinging to memories
of good men and
their good deeds

copyright 2004 mysweetestangel.org