further damage
katie west

I'm to blame this time for sure
And I'm miserable once again
Does the story never change?
Do these tears have an end?
I can't move on
I can't move past it
Dwelling only causes further damage
And they say if you want something bad enough
Someday you'll get it
I pray and pray and pray...
It's cold here and this feeling
Is a rock at the bottom of my stomach
The blood still drips the same
Out onto the floor in the shape of
The infinite sadness I'm convinced that I feel
Why does God shut his ears to me?
Why can't I understand what's going on?
There's no revelation here
To save me now
I feel hungry for love that
I don't think I'm capable of
The taste is still the same
And I am bitter
I can't grasp this concept
Of sex without love
And it hollows you out
And it tears you up
And it kills slowly every time
And I do think about it
What I've done - what he's done
I don't want to be here like this
I don't want to be confused like this
Trapped (so it seems) in this
No win - no love - no hope situation
God, I've fucked it up again
And the fantasy of lying in darkness
And wounds that'll bleed life out
And it's closing in - it's closing in
I need you, please
I can't remember who I am
It's scary here like this
I feel isolated - I feel all alone
And his eyes are cold and
His touch isn't there
I know he'll never come back again
Never look at me the same
It's unfair - it doesn't seem justified
I can't cope
It's completely justified
And I have no case

2001 BeautyLyes / copyright 2004 mysweetestangel.org