everything and nothing
katie west

Another slap in the face
And the world's going to end
Complications rule all
And sometimes you get so mean
Crucify me everyday
I don't want to be lived through
Or passed over or not good enough
Or knocked over or damaged
He said "You're just too much"
And we haven't spoken since
This sickness I can't get over
Blood and blood and more blood
The pain is an escape
A different kind of hurt
And sometimes it feels good
Razor across my skin
The hurt bleeds out on the tile floor
Drops like so many parts of dreams
Wished but never realized
And so many memories
Of lying in his bed and feeling empty
I want to be seen and heard and loved and whole
And cruel and harsh and dirty and angry
And honest and kind and understanding and knowing
And everything and nothing

2001 BeautyLyes / copyright  2004 mysweetestangel.org