the idea of love
katie west

Tomorrow's another day
A million years and there's no reason
He says we're stars
And I don't feel much like one
Who's to say this isn't great?
I've got more than a lot of people do
Broken glass - little girls
It'll all be over soon
And I won't look back
And he'll be sorry he ever hurt me
Why do we all just end up
Fake and made-up
"No one will ever love you"
And it kills me over and over and over again
She said "Does it make you feel good to whore yourself out?"
And I never thought about it
That way - why does it seem wrong all of a sudden?
Am I really so bad? I never meant to be
It's just another faze - there'll be another transition soon
The hurt will slowly fade away
Like everything in the world
There's a memory for every word
Every lie that came out of his mouth
Just another stupid game
I grew tired of him way too fast
And it'll always be that way
I'll never be happy - it's to be expected
I'm in love with the idea of love
And I'm infatuated with a new one every week
So it is now - so it's always been
I wonder where I'll end up
Alone with a million cats - or in love with someone
I guess we'll see

2001 BeautyLyes / copyright  2004