katie west
He says he's still in love
And I'd be lying if I denied a certain satisfaction
But why should I take this chance again?
I guess it makes sense to say
"Life's not worth living if you don't take chances"
But God knows I've longed to be past Old Cliches
With this so-called "old soul" (not to disrespect)
And she says we're really 40
And she says we should lose a few years
And she says "You know we love it"
And God - I feel a million years old
When he runs his fingers down my cheeks
And says my skin's like porcelain
"Smile - your face won't crack"
For all my Pain and Misery (I wouldn't trade a thing)
I can't let myself be happy
Maybe The Flaws go both ways (of course)
And she says we can't be happy
And she says we can't let go
And she says "We're ahead of our time"
And God - The Truth's never hit harder
He says he's happy if I'm happy
Will I ever be happy?
"I don't feel it can go away"
I think maybe he's clinging to something
But not really me at all
Something he wants so bad
His image of me
His Porcelain Doll
And she says we won't change
And she says we dwell on things
And she says "We love The Drama"
And God - How's it we can deny You
But fully accept ourselves?

2000 BeautyLyes / copyright  2004